Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quest to be the Best.

Well my friends, this is the first post of my blogging career.

I've been a Chef for the past 17 years. Anyone in the business knows that the culinary industry can ruin a personal life and destroy any hobbies along the way. In my case my personal life is better than ever thanks to the fact that I really don't subscribe to the "consume yourself into your work" chef description.
However my favorite pastime was wiped out a few years back when my wife and I decided to open a restaurant. That's right, restaurant in, fishing out.

Working in a seasonal restaurant its easy to figure out just where the fishing has been eliminated. However since we opened in 2002 I have turned my focus to the incredible and growing sport of Ice Fishing. In this blog I hope to bring to you, all of this years trials and tribulations. My friends and I will do our best attempting to master this challenging sport.

Trips,Tips, Tactics,& Trends will be the primary focus of this Blog.
Also as a chef it is probably an unwritten law to fill you in on a few ideas for cooking the catch of the day.

As a relatively new student of the modern ice fishing game, I'll document what I've learned from seasoned vets, forums, TV, and of course the funniest of all media outlets... the fishing magazine. We'll test it all out and give you the results.

We will also travel down memory lane for a few lessons from the greatest woodsman of all, my late grandfather Jack "Papa" Dixon. His experience living, working, trapping, and fishing in Northern Ontario for more than 65 years make for wonderful tales. The can help pass the time and learn something new from the old ways of survival and sportsmanship.
Papa would kick my ass for using those two words in the same sentence, but in most of his tales of putting bread on the family table, he always seemed to have time for fun and games.

I guess to be honest, thats my goal in life and in this blog.

I'll take you along for the ride as I try to become the best ice fisherman in the world. If that doesn't pan out, at least we'll have fun trying.

Cheers and keep your pole in the hole.

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